“Bahaska” and “Heart’s Strength” are her Medicine’s names.

She begins to approach meditation and olistic techniques of healing since 1983, when she attended Francesco Tonoli’s centre for yoga and meditation in Milan.

At 18 years old, she took the initiation of Tantric practices from the same teacher, beginning to work inside groups, for more than 10 years. In 1988, she works on fire-practices, especially firewalking, with Kurt E.Schweighardt (first teacher to bring firewalking in Italy). After the course, both the master and the student have been on tv to explain the nature of firewalking.

Later, she approaches shamanism with Nod ah’sti, Nomad Wintherhawk who belongs to the Nuwu (or Nuwuwu), a group of black Apache. With him, she learns the meaning of the Medicine Wheel as well as the ancient practices of his tribe. Nomad will be an important teacher and friend for her during the years, keeping to teach her shamanism.


In Germany she met Brant Secunda, American for birth, but trained shaman, and recognized by the Hichol indios of Mexico, with whom she attended a long study’s journey, and for whom she’ll organize seminars in Italy.




Meantime, she travels around Mexico and North America, living, sometimes for long periods, directly in the places of birth of “Medicine men and women”, meeting natives Apache, Navajos, Cheyenne, Tlinglit and practicing shamanism directly on field. She begins also to work with the French teacher Deera from “Miasto” about  Archetypes and  attending a three-months course on tarots and later one about energetic cleaning.

con Rafael

From 1992 to 2000 she lived in Mexico for long periods, in order to finish her research, a project for Siena’s University, focusing on her dissertation about ethno-medicine (phytotherapy and traditional medicine of the Huicol Indios), becoming pupil of Rafael Ruturi Te Mai, Marakame of the Huicol tradition.
Again, in Mexico, she meets Soledad Ruiz, a Toltec shaman that initiates her to women’s shamanism.

While working for University, she gets involved in Maori shamanism (New Zeland), and she contacts personally Erena Rangimarie Rere Omaki, Maori princess and Medicine woman, beginning with her a difficult training according to the “female-warrior shamanic tradition”. After her training with Erena, she will meet other women who’ll guide her towards ancient rites and female awareness.


She actually works with the celtic traditions of Northern Europe, in Glastonbury (Avalon) and Germany, still standing inside the women’s path, and learning about the potential of Runes and herbs. She travels often to this places to keep going on with her practices.


She joins as a presenter, in different scientific conventions, representing Guadalajara’s University, together with Professor Julio Ramirez De La Cruz, held in Indigenas e Botanica language faculties, besides, she holds conventions also in universities of Italy and France, mainly about shamanic traditions.

In the early 90es, she meets the “Medicine woman” Diane Sea Dancer Battung from the Deer Tribe Sweet Metice Medicine Society becoming her apprentice.

In these years, she works actively in the USA with various teachers of this association, like Swift Deer e Batty Thunder Bear Gold with whom she travels, making  “medicine’s journeys” through Utah, Arizona and Colorado, visiting the Native sacred places.
For the same American association, she sets up with Gabriella Papini the cultural association “Golden Horse”, whose she becomes vice-president, ending up with organizing seminars in all Italy’s part. With Diane Sea Dancer, she begins to lead sweat lodges and learns the sacred pipe’s art, translating in Italian the book for sacred pipe’s apprentices.



In 1995 she meets in Los Angeles the Clear Green association, attending seminars with Carlos Castaneda about “Tensegrita'” at UCLA.

Harner Micheal
From 2008, she joins “the Foundation for Shamanic Studies”, an organization sponsored by the worldwide know anthropologist Michael Harner ; she attended all the workshops with Susan Mokelke and with others shamans in the same foundation.

After attending the complete course, she becomes a certified shamanic therapist, recognized by the “Foundation for Shamanic Studies” (USA) throug the “Gold Certificate of Completion”.

In 2014 she learns about phytotherapy and the use of Amazon’s sacred plants of harmonization, directly in Amazon, with the shaman Yagua Carlos Catpo Paima in Peru.





In 2015, she completes in Argentina the training about “Harner shamanic counseling” with Alicia Luengas Gates for the analysis and resolution of karma problems according to shamanic tradition.




Still in South America, she works with the tradition Q’eros and gets in touch with archaic practices linked to earth’s sacredness, and ceremonies of “limpieza” and “florecimiento” with the shamans Asunta Quispe e Lorenzo Ceapa.

2018 – she complete her long apprentiship in USA as second degree pristess with her teacher “Sydney Bridge” , Elder Pristess and Minister of the Cross Road Tradition.





Nowadays, she’s president of the cultural association

She practices the techniques of psychopomp, shamanic extraction and soul retrival, according with the teaching of Core Shamanism, of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies of Michael Harner.
For over 20 years, she holds seminars and stages about shamanism, meditation and spirituality, as well as olistic well-being and stages about shamanism for women in all Italy and abroad.