Our Circle’s

The circle’s synergy and a common aim have brought us to build up this association, called  “The Great Circle”.

We are a group of people that believe in a deep symbiosis between humanity and nature, in its every aspect. Without an aware contact with Mother Earth, with the Sky and with every creature that lives in our planet, the human being is destined to lose its most authentic part, together with the joy and passion for life.

The ancient shamanic practices, used for thousands of years by ancient populations, who didn’t lose either the original sensibility or instinctuality, give us a precious help to get the contemporary humanity closer to her essence. We use contemporary methods and techniques, and every form of art and awareness, aimed to show the hidden potential of beauty and human completeness. We believe in humanity’s improvement and growth, in every aspect, from the physical one to the emotional, mental and spiritual one.

The association is born as a mean to meet ourselves and other people that have this same vision to share with the world.

ANNA MOROSI “Bahashka” “Donna Forza del Cuore”

EMILIANO DE ROSA “Onora la Bellezza con la Forza”