Maurizio Vannetti
“Green Spiral”

His name of Medicine is “Green Spiral”. He approaches shamanism in Northern Europe in the early 1980s, with ceremonies dedicated to the Asis (Scandinavian tradition), along with a group of friends.

In 94 ‘begins the study of Ki-Aikido, non-violent martial art, where one learns breathing, the movement of the body in relation to the external space, called “Misogi”, in which a mantra is recited to enhance the spirit of the person. Maurizio will continue to explore and study these techniques for over 10 years and still continues at the same time joining the study of Qi-Gong (art dedicated to strengthening internal energy), and Tai-ji, in its most esoteric form. Since 2003 he is Ki Aikido instructor. Since 2002 he has been collaborating with Bahashka in groups to meet and study shamanic practices, later becoming “fire man” in the “Sacred Inipi” ceremony. In January 2003 he met the Marakame (Shaman) of Huichol Ethnicity: Don Rafael Carrillo Pisano, who began shamanism with a Sacred Cave. Notifications will meet Nomad Winterhawk (Apache Medicine Man) and Sidney Bridges (Celtic Tradition Woman “Cross Road”), actively participating in their ceremonies. He personally and with great care guides the individuals who decide to devote themselves to the search for personal development, placing them in contact with their own inner energy source, using techniques of eastern derivation (such as Tibetan bells, meditations and breathing) placed side by side with western methodologies to enter into a special natural spiritual path.