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Shamanism workshop in Ancona: 13-14 April 2019


In these two intense days we will have the opportunity to make a “full immertion” in the hidden properties of the stones, according to the shamanic tradition of the American Indians. We will activate the rocks and crystals in the construction of the “healing circle” of the Medicine Wheel, in which the whole group will participate.

We will be surprised to discover that the stones are not only fascinating manifestations of nature, at first sight inanimate, but that they possess a very strong spirit able to communicate to the whole universe their strength and their potential. We will discover the channels to use their strong properties to stimulate regeneration on an emotional, mental and physical level.

The teachings of the Sacred Wheel of Stones come from the tradition of the North American Natives, along with the methodology and meditations that we will experience directly in these two days. We will have many techniques to use in everyday life to help ourselves and others and to bring the beauty and purity of the sacred realm of stones even in our daily  lifes.

This seminar is particularly suitable for holistic practitioners because, already from this first level, it gives access to the techniques for an immediate application in their sector. Attendants are issued with a certificate of attendance.






Feminine Shamanism workshop in San Gimignano – Siena-

1-2 Giugno

“The Dance of Archetypes”¬†

This seminar leads us to explore the hidden sides of the feminine through the knowledge of the archetypes present in our culture. Always in shamanism, the woman is considered a wild, indomitable, mysterious, sensual and magical being. He has the power to give life, but it has been forgotten that the creative act does not refer only to giving birth to children. The woman has in her the magic, the capacity of transformation and a great inner strength that on many occasions allows her to overcome unthinkable obstacles and hidden fears.

Every woman has her own particular connection with a specific archetype and, reinforcing this union, takes her power back into her hands, awakening in herself the strength that belongs to her and her personal beauty. In this sense, the archetypes highlight the parts of us that we have forgotten and, through sacred dance and particular meditative rituals, we will be able to experience sensations and sides of the feminine that are often unknown to us to draw on these deep energies when we need them in everyday life.

The archetypes, present in different names and styles in all the cultures of the world, have the power to speak to our deepest part, to heal us and to bring to light the innate possibilities that belong to us. As it has always been, since the dawn of time.